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Companies today are faced with the challenge of managing the growing liability and expense of their benefit plans, while striving to provide competitive benefit programs to attract and retain top talent.  Specialized Benefit Resources (SBR), a full-service unit within MetLife, focuses exclusively on the design, implementation and administration of liability financing and corporate executive benefit plans.

As a pioneer in the corporate-owned life insurance market, MetLife SBR has been setting industry standards since 1987.  SBR's team of professionals use a consultative approach to help companies mitigate benefit liability risks in a tax-efficient manner through the use of Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI), Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI), Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI), and Insurance Company Owned Life Insurance (ICOLI). 

MetLife SBR's products are used to fund:

  • General Benefit Obligations
  • FAS 106: Retiree Benefits
  • Defined Benefit SERPS (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans)
  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
  • Executive Life Insurance Plans (162 Bonus, Split Dollar)
  • VEBA (Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Associations) plans

These products have the following benefits:

  • Tax deferred cash value growth
  • Generally tax-free death benefits
  • Ability to reallocate amongst investment options without tax implications
  • Long term tax savings, thereby reducing the capital outlay required to finance benefit liabilities
  • Post-tax earnings that may potentially exceed post-tax earnings on assets held outside of a life insurance contract 


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